Need an admin tool to manage your business? What about a custom SAAS? Or perhaps you just want to replace a heavily-used excel spreadsheet with something better. If so I can do that.


A web app is like a machine that prints money. Seriously. Once you build it can immediately start boosting your profits by either increasing your revenue, or by decreasing your costs.

Your company can reduce their costs by creating a reporting dashboard to get better insights into your business. Or perhaps you have an excel spreadsheet that would work better if it were an webapp. Or, your company could boost profits through automated emails, abandoned cart reminders, lead nurturing, or perhaps a custom sales CRM. The possibilities are endless.

But what do we need to do to create this money machine? Well like any machine we'll need to know what it is going to do. What are the inputs, the outputs, what are the features, how should it work, what tricky things do we need to account for?

That's why with every webapp I build I first go through a discovery process with you. I find out what you really need. I'll start by asking you "What business problems are we solving?" and "For this project, what does success look like?". This way I'll be able to help build you the right web app. Other developers might think they know what you need, but I think it's just better to ask, and build you the right thing from the get go.

Who needs a web app?

I find that some of the best cases for a web app are businesses that:

  • Have a business process that they want to automate
  • Want to move away from having multiple users use the same excel sheet that the same time
  • Want to have more insights to their business by using reports and dashboards.
  • Want a tool that automatically emails their staff or users
  • Want to connect to a 3rd party service like Shopify, Ringcentral, Stripe, or more.

Why is the price for this item a plus?

By using fixed prices you know exactly what you'll pay for. But that only works for things withing a fixed scope. Such as, "I'll build you a site with X pages, and Y features, for Z dollars". But each webapp is different. It's like asking me "I want you to build me a car". But to do that I'll need to know what kind of engine, paint color, trim, type of interior, and a whole host of other questions. But I can still give you a fixed price. I just need to know what I'm building first. Then I'll be able to give you a fixed quote. Though as a ballpark, most apps I build are in the $10,000-$20,000 range.

Why Me?

I've built software for Banks, Accountants, Schools, Management Firms, and more. I have two degrees in Information Systems, and 5 years experience building apps. I'm good, I'm responsible, and I'm honest. That's why you should work with me.

So drop me a line. Use the form below and let me know what your idea is. I'd love to build it for you.