A premium website without the hassle


This option is for clients who want a premium website, that has help with copywriting, and expert advice.

After a discovery call I'll find out what you need in a website, and build you something that you'll be proud of. I'll ask you "what does success look like for this project" so we can both know if we've hit the right goal. I'll also ask you about what you want your website to do, so we can make sure it brings in results.

Notice we haven't even talked about design or the layout. We haven't yet mentioned Wordpress or any technical details. Why? because I think the most important thing is finding out why we are doing this. We need to know why we should build a new site so we can know how to build the right one.

What are the details of what you'll do? I will:

  • Pick a premium theme for you.
  • Add your logo, your hero image, change the colors to match your company.
  • Help craft compelling headlines on your homepage to help boost your conversions.
  • Dial in SEO, by making sure that titles, metadata, and image details are all set up correctly
  • Set up your main Call to Action. Is it a contact form? Email signup? Configure your leadmagnet? I'll get all those set up so you can start having people reach out to you.
  • Set up your mobile and desktop menu structure
  • Create your footer
  • All this above is part of your homepage (or primary level theme)
  • Create your secondary page theme (second level theme)
  • Set up your contact page
  • Add in google analytics
  • Include basic copywriting services for the homepage sections, as well as one other page. Lots of clients want to write their own messaging, but some people need help in this area
  • Be there for you. For the next 30 days I'll be your resource to ask questions. I'll provide free email consulting for the next 30 days. Ask any web-realted question you want, and I'm usually able to find the answer. Yes, you could ask about bread making, or my award winning apple crisp recipie, and you'll likely get an answer about those too, but usually my clients just ask me about site setup, landing pages, and how to convert better.

How quick is the turnaround?

It depends on what you need me to do. Usually I'm done within 2-3 weeks. Though if you have a rush, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Is there a page limit?

We'll find out more when we talk, but let's assume that for new sites you'll need 10 pages or less, and for existing sites I'll only transfer over up to 10 pages of content. Don't worry, for existing sites I can set it up so you can upload your own content. If you need more pages or have custom needs please just let me know.

Will it be responsive or mobile ready

Absolutely. I always make mobile-ready or responsive sites.

How many revisions are there?

Included at no additional charge is two rounds of ten revisions.

What guarantee do you have

All my work has a 30 day money-back guarantee.

How long does this take?

It depends on what you need me to do. Usually I'm finished within 2-3 weeks.

What happens next?

If we are a good fit, we'll do some minor paperwork (my contracts are super light. Enough to protect both of us, but not enough to make you go to sleep), take a prepayment and I get started.

Are you ready to start? Do you need a new website that boosts your revenue? Just fill out the form below and we'll get the ball rolling.