A blank canvas with some painting supplies

The Stupid Idea

There is a stupid idea out there.

It’s this belief that something has to be perfect before it can be shipped.

But it’s wrong.

It’s the reason why projects are late, novels are unfinished, and blog posts are left undone.

We sit there working, and honing, and tweaking. But the reality is that we never ship. And if we never ship then we have failed

A Better Way

So what should you do?

Ship it.

But what if it isn’t perfect?

Ship it anyway.

For instance, if you were designing or building a website you don’t have to have the whole site done before you ship.

You could build the ‘above the fold’ content, add a compelling header, a call to action, some sort of social proof, and a footer, and your contact information and your site would be done. You can even add some styling, but your site is ready to ship.

But what if you make software?

Then just ship the key features first. Find out whatever is the minimal feature that someone would pay for, build that and ship it. It doesn’t have to have all the features, and it doesn’t need to be complete. But it does have to solve a problem and provide value in some way.

The alternative is to keep hacking away at your project while your competitor ships, gets more signups, and then ships version three. All while you are still working on version 0.9.8.

When Perfection is Needed

Granted some things should be nearly perfect before they ship. Space shuttles need to be built properly otherwise disaster could strike. Hydroelectric dams should be built to code. Pacemakers need to be be built correctly otherwise people will die. And perhaps, that’s the rule of thumb. If someone’s life is at stake then make sure your product is safe. Otherwise, feel free to ship.

Yet the rest of us think perfection is some grand requirement before we can ship..

But it is not.

Perfection is a quest.

It’s the achievement after honing, shaping, and shipping.

And ironically, as you have the courage to ship first, you’ll reach perfection faster. You’ll gain the feedback you need to make your idea even better. And this feedback will help you hone your idea to perfection faster. Especially if you are working alone, in your basement, never letting your idea see the light of day.

So just ship your product. Ship your project. Ship your idea, and go back to and tweak it later. But just ship it.

You can always make it better as you go along.


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