How to Achieve Real Success

By Stephen Godfrey - Reading Time: 10 minutes

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It’s all lies.

Each and every day we are told that to be successful we need to be richer, thinner, sexier, or smarter.

But those are all lies.

Sure they might have a ring of truth, but they aren’t the real thing. For instance, having riches themselves is not success. It can be a sign of success. It might show that someone has self-control, drive, focus, and self-mastery. But having riches does not mean you are successful.

But being rich is not a form of success. There are too many people who are rich who have simply failed at life.

So why do we often think of success as having money, or fame, or power? Perhaps because they are things that are easy to count. It’s easy to count the numbers in a bank account, or the number of email subscribers in a list, or the weight on a scale.

But this is not success.

All these are secondary results from real success.

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Just Ship It. Why You Should Ship Your Product Now Before it is Perfect

By Stephen Godfrey - Reading Time: 10 minutes

A blank canvas with some painting supplies

The Stupid Idea

There is a stupid idea out there.

It’s this belief that something has to be perfect before it can be shipped.

But it’s wrong.

It’s the reason why projects are late, novels are unfinished, and blog posts are left undone.

We sit there working, and honing, and tweaking. But the reality is that we never ship. And if we never ship then we have failed

A Better Way

So what should you do?

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Blacksmithing for Developers: Stop Hammering the Keyboard and use an Anvil

By Stephen Godfrey - Reading Time: 10 minutes

The Problem

We developers we are always out of time. Bugs take longer than we think, projects go late, new (and sometimes stupid) features are requested, and there is always work to do. So what do we do to combat this? Well, a natural human response is to work harder. We tend to put in longer hours, push more, and try to get things done quicker. It’s like putting fuel on the fire, and then blowing on the coals. Sure more heat will come out, but that fuel will burn faster.

And then the fuel is gone.

And when that fuel is gone, we feebly try to stoke the coals of productivity, but there is simply nothing left to burn, for it’s all burned out.

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How to Have (nearly) zero turnover

By Stephen Godfrey - Reading Time: 6 minutes

TL;DR: Don’t be a jerk or you will pay for it big time. Value and respect your employees and you’ll profit.

The Problem

Employees are expensive to gain. But they are even more expensive to lose. Yet employees leave companies every day because these companies don’t have an environment where people want to stay. And so the employee leaves, and your hard earned investment is gone. So what is the real cost of turnover? Well a foolish manager would only think of the cost to get a new employee into that chair. “After all, it’s just more paperwork and some interviews” Right? Wrong! There are a whole host of hidden costs that come when an employee leaves. The onboarding costs are, advertizing, acquisition, signing bonuses, overworked HR, and training. Other costs of turnover are decreased productivity, the time it takes for the employee to become proficent, and damaged morale. The damaged morale is the most deadly, because others often follow when one person leaves, because if one employee is dissatisfied you can be sure there are others who are thinking of jumping ship.

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Full Time Employment vs Freelancing

By Stephen Godfrey - Reading Time: 20 minutes

If you’ve ever thought about freelancing then this article is for you. First we’ll look at some of the pros and cons of full-time work and then do the same for freelancing. And for those go-getters interested in freelancing I’ve got a primer for you on how you can start. Overall I think that freelancing is harder than full time work, but the benefits are oh-so-worth it.

But before we start, let me tell you the reason for this post. About a month ago I was asked to be on an Alumni panel for Information Students at BYU. A few of the students were interested in how I freelance, so I thought I’d put this ‘down on paper’ for all to see. I’m a successful freelancer, and my hope is to give those students permission to (sooner or later) start working for themselves. You see, most of us just get a full-time job after graduation (nothing wrong with it), and that’s all we do for the rest of our lives. But is that the best that we can do? Is there a different path that will help us to enjoy life more? Let’s find out.

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New Site Redesign

By Stephen Godfrey - Reading Time: 3 minutes

Annnnndddd…. It’s done. I’ve got a completely new website for you, and it is epic. This site is fast, secure, and I pretty much love it.

You see, I decided that I wanted to serve clients who need faster and more user friendly websites. Speed is a key factor on how long clients will spend on your website, and it also can effect google page rankings. Content may be King, but speed is an Admiral. And without him, your domain will get crushed (metaphorically speaking).

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How to earn a massive amount of money, and feel good doing it.

By Stephen Godfrey - Reading Time: 17 minutes

One of the greatest paradoxes in this life is this: those who give things away often become rich. We see this again and again, yet few people follow this path. Most of us want to be compensated for our work, and so we think that we should charge money from the start. Yet this thinking is flawed, and I will show you why.

First I will explore some examples of real people that gave freely and were rewarded. Then I will give you some actionable tasks. After that I’ll provide support that I am NOT crazy, and close with some guidelines to keep in mind. Ready, let’s start with some great examples of real people.

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