Annnnndddd…. It’s done. I’ve got a completely new website for you, and it is epic. This site is fast, secure, and I pretty much love it.

You see, I decided that I wanted to serve clients who need faster and more user friendly websites. Speed is a key factor on how long clients will spend on your website, and it also can effect google page rankings. Content may be King, but speed is an Admiral. And without him, your domain will get crushed (metaphorically speaking).

So how is this site so fast? Well it is a ‘static site.’ I’ve used a tool called Jekyll which helps me to create sites that don’t need a database, and that don’t use wordpress. Granted wordpress is great, and it certainly has it’s place, but for someone like me who wanted a fast site, well there was no contest. Jekyll wins.

Best of all it’s secure. No one can hack my database, and the worst that they can do is somehow break into my web server, and defame my site or take it down. And if that happened I’d just spin up a new server, deploy my site, and I’m up and running within 15 minutes (10 if I practiced it). So my site isn’t perfectly safe, but it’s exceptionally secure, and I rest easy at night.

And that brings us to you. If you need to improve your website (or build a new one) so you can get more customers, then let me know. The quicker you get an updated site the quicker you can start bringing in more revenue. Which, by the way, is what I want to do. Make your rich.

-Stephen Godfrey